The world of professional services marketing is evolving rapidly. We believe strategic content will dominate in 2014, as brand, service, and client stories are told, retold, and customized.

Blogs and Featured Articles

While these elements have always been key to professional services marketing success, we will see increased investments in optimizing the content of these pieces for search. When coupled with Google’s recent algorithm adjustments that aim to personalize the search experience, organizations that do this well could see an increase in traffic to their optimized content. The increasingly blurred lines between editorial and marketing may all but disappear this year.

White Papers and eBooks

White papers and eBooks add value for your target markets and increase your credibility as a brand and industry thought leader. The year of content marketing will see a proliferation of these pieces to engender client loyalty and entice prospects.

Customized Communication

In 2014, marketers will increasingly leverage geo-technology to deliver real-time and contextually relevant offers, anecdotes, and experiences.

Case Studies and Video Testimonials

Brand fans become brand advocates in 2014. From the increased importance Google is placing on reviews in its SERPs to the instant third-party credibility these stories provide, organizations will invest heavily in generating and improving their client stories to represent a variety of solutions offered and problems solved.

It will be the year of relatable, relevant content. Instead of feeling bombarded by messages, we will be bombarded by stories and experiences. Get ready.


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