In one of our previous blog posts, we identified storytelling as one of the steps to communicate your vision as an entrepreneur. When your brand’s narrative is the cornerstone of your overall strategy, it provides a foundation from which to foster emotional connection and create fans.

Learning how to tell your story and make it resonate with your target audience is only one piece of the perpetual puzzle we call marketing, however. Once you’ve crafted your brand’s narrative, the way you deliver it ultimately determines its impact.

For most brands in 2019, social media is one of the most nimble, efficient, and effective channels for connecting with prospects. From Facebook to Instagram to LinkedIn and beyond, social platforms provide the opportunity to share myriad different types of content that all align with the same narrative.

Below are some of our favorite creative ways to turn your brand narrative into social media content, with a few examples of each type of content:

Written Content

  • Blogs
  • LinkedIn publisher posts
  • Long-form organic posts


  • How-to instructional
  • Interviews
  • Go live


  • Product & services
  • Staff & employees
  • Behind-the-scenes at the office or shop


  • Quotes
  • Graphs & statistics
  • Checklists

Partner & User-Generated Content

  • Share another brand’s or follower’s content
  • Poll your audience and share the results
  • Let an influencer take over your profile for a day

Ultimately, there is no one type of content that will make the biggest impact. Each individual in your target audience has unique preferences and ways of engaging. Utilizing the right mix of creative content that underpins your brand’s narrative allows your customers to participate in that narrative in the way that most authentically resonates with them.

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