How engaging can you be in six seconds?

If you’re versed in Vine, the answer is very. For those unfamiliar with Vine, it’s a mobile app (owned by Twitter) that features looping, short-form videos. Introduced in January 2013, the premise behind Vine is that “constraint inspires creativity.”

Haven’t heard of it yet? Chances are you will soon, because it just hit 40 million users.

Here are a few ways that small businesses and brands are using Vine to engage (and entertain) customers:

  • A behind the scenes look – Give customers an intimate glimpse at the inner working of your business. You’d be surprised at how much you can show in six seconds.
  • How-to videos – Give customers a fun tutorial on how to use – or assemble- your product.
  • Brag on your product – Highlight your product’s features and let customers connect in a fun way.
  • Show your personality—Many brands are using Vine to show the “humanity” behind the CEO or other employees (think montage of interests, hobbies, etc.).

Vine videos are not only easy and inexpensive to create, but they also often go viral. And, although I generally see Vine as a tool for B2C businesses, there are applications in the B2B world as well. This is a great article that shows how some well-known brands are using Vine.


Are you a viner? Do you have some favorite vine videos? Send them to me and I’ll showcase them in an upcoming blog.


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