In 2013, Google made changes to the way its search algorithm works. Known as Penguin and Hummingbird, these changes were designed to make Google searches more relevant and meaningful. Once again, Google made original content, presented in a viewer-friendly way, king. Now, organic search results are even more closely tied to quality content.

Below are some tips on how to craft your website’s content in this new environment:

Easy to navigate: Design your sitemap for the visitor who has never been to your site before—and make sure they can find everything intuitively.

Authentic: Authentically represent what your company does in language that speaks to those searching for your services. When crafting website copy, keep in mind that your visitors want the answers they are searching for specifically—and quickly,

Update Regularly: Static content translates to Google as irrelevant because it is dated. Make certain sections of your site (news, blog, FAQs) dynamic, with regular updates.

Segment: Create specific content for various target markets. For example, if you specialize in providing accounting services for restaurants and gift shops, create separate pages with relevant, different content for managers in those two industries. Case studies and success stories should be similarly specific.

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