Are you closely monitoring your Facebook stats? If not, you may not have noticed, but with its recent newsfeed changes, Facebook may now be less than accommodating to your business. Late last year, TechCrunch noticed that posts made by brands were only being displayed to a minuscule fraction of the brand’s followers and were hidden from the rest.

In fact, TechCrunch concluded that newsfeed changes caused the reach of brand pages to drop by as much as 40%, and posts for the average Facebook brand page are now being seen by less than 10% of their total audience. That’s a pretty big drop, especially if you’re not a mega-sized brand.

Facebook’s solution to this? Pay them. If you pay more, they’ll make sure that your posts are seen by more of your followers. If you’ve spent time and money to build your following, how eager are you to spend more to reach the followers that you’ve worked to gain? Have you already decided to invest in this?

Let me know how your brand is reacting to this. Email me and we’ll share the feedback we get in a future blog!


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