It is a question that we get asked over and over again. And the answer, although annoying, is “It depends.”

More than likely, a PR effort will consist of:
• Development of a comprehensive media list that includes all trade and consumer media outlets that could potentially reach your target audiences
• Analysis of media outlets’ editorial calendars to determine topical fits
• Development of press releases and thought-leadership articles
• Pitching and follow-up

Pricing will depend upon the following factors:
• Number of target audiences you are trying to reach
• Number of press releases to be distributed (what “news” do you anticipate announcing in the coming year?)
• Number of thought leadership articles to be developed

A reputable PR/marketing agency will be able to discuss all of this in more detail and guide you through a decision-making process. Generally, PR efforts range in cost from $1000 (promoting a very specific event to a well-defined target audience) to $50,000 or more for intensive, year-long, complex PR campaigns.

We’d love to talk to you about your PR initiatives—and offer a FREE assessment and price quote.


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