Running a business is no easy task. As a business owner, there is always something in need of your attention, from refining your organization’s offerings to managing clients to making payroll. And as a result, marketing your business often takes a backseat to the demands of day-to-day operations. But what many business owners may not realize is the significant impact that a proactive marketing strategy (or lack thereof) can have on the long-term sustainability of the business.

In business, retaining customers and gaining new ones is essential. Marketing your company is an integral way to attract new customers and create ongoing awareness of your offerings and differentiators. But the questions of who, what, when, and how to do this can feel overwhelming to an already-busy business owner. This often leads to inaction, reactive (as opposed to proactive) efforts, disjointed messaging, and, ultimately, missed opportunities. Effective marketing efforts are those that implement a cohesive, targeted messaging strategy consistently. That is why a marketing strategy is so important – and why Arco + Associates specializes in planning, creating, and executing tailored marketing plans for our clients.

Guidelines for creating a proactive marketing strategy

Step 1: Set Your Goals for the Year. First, decide what you want to accomplish with your marketing efforts, and make sure they are aligned with your business goals. This type of targeted collaboration is what drives results, as evidenced by Arco + Associates’ many client success stories.

Step 2: Determine Your Strengths & Differentiators. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes: why should they come to you instead of one of your competitors? Determine what characteristics make your business different and better than others. Emphasize these strengths and differentiators in your marketing efforts.

Step 3: Choose Your Marketing Channels. Where you choose to market yourself will depend on your goals, your target audience, and your budget. Marketing channels can include traditional print media, social media, newsletters, blog posts, thought leadership articles, press releases, and more.

Step 4: Create Cohesive Messaging & Visual Branding. Once you’ve determined your strengths and differentiators, it’s time to create a marketing and messaging narrative that highlights and reinforces them. This includes copywriting as well as visual graphics. Both content and design need to be aligned to build a strong brand. Arco + Associates takes pride in helping clients create polished, professional marketing materials.

Step 5: Execute Consistently. Create a marketing calendar for the year. It should include the marketing tactics to be carried out each month and the due dates for each of these efforts. Then, each one should be executed consistently, and on time. The best strategy in the world will never work if it’s not implemented.

Step 6: Take Advantage of Additional Opportunities. The beauty of a marketing strategy that has been planned out and prepped is that it frees up time and energy to take advantage of additional opportunities when they arise. Timing is important in marketing, especially when it comes to trending news, calendar-specific windows of opportunity, and current events.

Arco + Associates is here to help

At Arco + Associates, we specialize in helping clients align their sales and marketing strategies, brainstorm and plan their marketing efforts, create polished, on-brand content, and ensure their messaging reaches the right audience at the right time. This type of proactive, targeted marketing leads to brand awareness, new customers, and ultimately, a better bottom line for your business.