While 2020 has brought seemingly unsurmountable challenges to those near and far, our team at Arco + Associates is thankful to be able to improve circumstances, support business owners (and, thus, families and communities), and make a difference for our clients every single day. Read on below to see what we all have to say about what things, moments, and people we’re feeling most grateful for this year among the uncertainty.

Andrea Arco (CEO): I’m thankful for my incredible team, our amazing clients, and for the health of my family.

Brittany Grunzinger (Operations Manager): I’m thankful for my team and social group for always offering support and a good laugh to each day, coffee for keeping me infused during 2020, and bubble baths (end of story).

Chelsey Devine (Administrative Assistant): I’m thankful for having the privilege to work with such a talented team, laughter, lifelong friends, Jameson (my dog), the kindness of strangers, and music.

Anna McNulty (Communications Director): I’m thankful for the amazing first responders and healthcare professionals who have saved countless lives throughout 2020, all around the world. I am also very grateful to work with such a talented, positive team who makes it happen for our incredible clients every day!

Erin Bollinger (Junior Designer & Project Assistant): I’m thankful for my family’s health, all of the opportunities I’ve received this year, and being able to stay in touch with long-distance friends.

LeeAnn Whittemore (Content Manager): I’m thankful to be part of such a positive and supportive team at Arco + Associates and for technology that has helped me to stay in touch with friends and family during a weird year of social distancing.

Nicole Newman (Content Specialist): I’m thankful to have family that doubles as friends. We’re all so close and I’m lucky that we all get along and support one another the way that we do – even from across the country from Florida to Boston to Missouri. I’m also thankful that I was able to join the Arco team and gain new friends, receive the opportunity to learn, and get the chance to work with a variety of passionate clients.

Rebecca Bugger (Content Specialist): I’m thankful for good health, open air, sunshine, family, and podcasts.

Melissa Barreca (PR Manager): I’m thankful for old friends and new beginnings. I’m thankful for my loud, bickering, messy but endearing family keeping every single day an adventure. I’m also thankful for you reading this … thanks for sharing your time!

Madison Ouellette (Public Relations Coordinator): I’m thankful for life and all of its challenges that consistently push me to move forward and grow. I’m grateful for my job, my coworkers, my new apartment, my family and friends, my dog, my boyfriend, and all of the new and exciting opportunities that have come with moving to Estes Park, Colorado this year.

We hope you, your team, and your family have just as much to be thankful for as we all prepare for 2021!