You know having a company website is essential. In our digital world, a website is often the main signpost directing potential clients to your company. But it can – and should – be so much more than a mere placard announcing your presence or an online brochure. The most useful websites function as dynamic, helpful guides and an inviting space for visitors to interact with you and your business.

A Useful Website is Easily Discoverable

A website isn’t helpful to anyone – including your company – if your target audience can’t find it. Google is the dominant search engine in play today, and businesses must make sure their websites are optimized for its algorithms. Using targeted keywords, updating your site frequently with original content, and linking to other websites are a few of the tactics that help increase website visibility. At Arco + Associates, we have proven expertise in improving SEO rankings for our clients. We can testify to how necessary – and effective – this approach is in order to drive prospects to your website.

A Useful Website Focuses on the User Experience

Helping visitors find your website is only the first step in the process. Getting them to stay is the next one – and you may have as little as 15 seconds to do so. Here are a few of the most important things you can do to ensure a good user experience and motivate your audience to remain on your site.

  • Make your website mobile-friendly.Because the vast majority of Americans (77%) now own smartphones – and browse the web with them – it’s imperative that your website is mobile-friendly. If it isn’t, users will quickly become frustrated and leave.
  • Make your website easy to navigate.Make sure your navigation terminology is clear and intuitive, and that it’s easy to move between different sections of the site. If visitors can’t easily find what they’re looking for, they will go elsewhere.
  • Keep your website updated. Your website shouldn’t be static and unchanging. Give clients and visitors a reason to keep returning with frequent blog posts and up-to-date information. Besides helping your SEO efforts, this will also communicate that there is an active, involved human presence behind your business’s digital exterior.

A Useful Website Establishes Connection

The most effective websites create a mutually beneficial point of connection between a company and their audience, maintaining an evolving environment where each can learn about – and respond to – the other.

  • Offer helpful insights. Providing answers to frequently asked questions and sharing your industry acumen helps establish your company’s authority and expertise, while simultaneously providing beneficial information to your audience.
  • Make it easy to get in touch. While your website serves as your company’s digital presence, don’t make it difficult for clients and prospects to connect with the people behind the company. Make sure your contact information – phone number, email, contact form, etc. – is easy to find and accessible.
  • Learn what your audience wants. Utilizing analytics to track user behavior and engagement on your website offers insights on what resonates with them – and what drives results. This is a helpful tool that can be used to inform business strategy.

In a crowded digital landscape, it’s no longer enough to simply have a website; it must also be actively maintained. To do so, companies need to employ dynamic, targeted tactics to attract and inform their audiences. The most useful websites are those that are easy to find, easy to engage with, offer helpful, relevant information, and are continually evolving in response to their audience’s needs.

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